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Hello I'm Kirstey a professional pet loss and pet bereavement counsellor and member of the Society of Bereavement Practitioners. I am here to help you with the loss of your much loved companion animal (support available in and outside the UK). Together we will work through this heart-breaking time to reach a happier place in which you will be able to focus on the special memories that you shared and not dwell on these sad times. I have suffered pet loss and struggled through it and at times I didn't want to continue with my life - everything was numb, no colour, everything was matt. Now I am stronger and can help you be too  - there is no need to suffer in silence - please I can help you.

Take your time and browse through my website and do not hesitate reaching out with any questions.

Your grief is unique to you. 


My Story

Kirstey Anne Lee ACC Dip.PBC


Animals are my first love and it breaks my heart each time I have to say goodbye - it is never easy. I qualified in April 2019 after a long period of grieving for my Bailey - a staffordshire bull terrier.  We shared a great life together with many happy memories that I will treasure forever. I will say that it was very traumatic when Bailey was pts. My First dog my soul buddy Rex a Staffy x Lab went missing and was never found - some horrible things were said about what had happened to him which still hurt today (I will never know the truth) but it is easier now even though I still cry a tear or two. Rex is still with me in my soul. We were close it was a special relationship. 

It is extremely difficult losing a pet regardless of whether they died from natural causes, old age or whether it was expected as in a long term illness or even if they got lost or you had to give them up due to a relationship breakdown. Everyone's grief is different, everyone's loss is different. 

I want to help pet carers understand grief compassionately, to put an end to the darkness and to come through the other side just as I did.

Of course it is not just us humans that feel grief it is other animals, our other pets too, the ones that get left behind - I can help you to help them ease their heartache and pain.

Pet Bereavement Matters

Light in the Sky

My approach


Kindness, caring, and willingness


Understanding of emotions


Guidance & relief


Grief is like the ocean;

It comes on waves ebbing and flowing.

Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim

Vicki Harrison


How to find release

Pet bereavement, grief and loss often involves a rollercoaster of different emotions and reactions - shock and/or numbness, anxiety, anger and sadness. It may take days, weeks, months or even years for someone who is grieving to ride through many different emotions, some of which can also be physical. Our pets that are left also grieve and I can help you to help them too. 

Together I can support and help you work through your grief and learn positive coping mechanisms. 

Every support session is unique to you, we will work through your loss together and at your pace. Sessions last from 40 mins to 1 hour and we can cover as much as you need or as little as you need. 

Counselling support can be carried out by face to face (Cardiff only), email, text, over the phone or over a live video connection for all countries in and outside the UK.

How many sessions you need is your choice - I will work with you and am here for you.

Please schedule an appointment with me using my bookings calendar.  Or, if you have any questions please do get in touch. You can use the chat button or get in touch tab at the top of the page.

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What happens during a counselling appointment

I will listen without judgment and work with you (in your own time) at a comfortable pace to help draw your emotions out in a positive manner.  Counselling helps you work through your grief as well as learn coping mechanisms to help you when you are on your own.

Pet bereavement counselling is recommended for anyone, of any age, whose loss seems overwhelming or whose daily life, including employment, family and relationships are strongly affected by grief.

During the first meeting you will be asked about your pet and how your life is without him or her. You may cry, but this is only natural and I will do my best to comfort you. I may give you activities or challenges to do, to free your mind from the hurt and sorrow, to release guilt, and anger and to allow the happy memories to flood the front of your mind. I will help you understand your emotions; find meaning in your loss and the reason for feeling as you do. You will come to terms with your grief and have an understanding that grief truly is a friend, and that it exists because we have loved and cared deeply.

If we do not grieve, we may reach a point of no return, which may lead to suicidal thoughts or worse. As a pet bereavement counsellor I will prevent your grief from getting to this point.

I help support children and families as a unit. If your living pet is grieving for the loss of their buddy I can give you advice on the best way to comfort them.

The length of time for which bereavement counselling will continue is dependent on the individual, how they feel. Usually a counselling meeting lasts from 30 minutes to one hour and can continue for 3 to 6 plus sessions but it is very much individual.

If you are suffering bereavement, please reach out to me or another professional bereavement counsellor, we are here to help.


Understanding Pet Loss - New Book - Amazon

This is my first ever book - I have written it from my heart and I sincerely hope that it helps you find light at the end of the dark tunnel. I talk about how to heal, how to help your children and your grieving pets too. There is a chapter about making choices for when the time comes and pre-planning for the inevitable. It is not a book that will have you in flood of tears but a gentle supportive guide.  Available on Amazon kindle and paperback. Please click on link to purchase:-  Pet Bereavement Matters: Understanding Pet Loss: Lee LSBC, Ms Kirstey Anne: 9798709687578: Books


Book Reviews

“As a Person Centred Counsellor I have studied and experienced grief counselling both personally and with my clients, but I found that when I lost my dog Cleggie who was my soul mate, my companion and my everything, there seemed little support out there to help me. I was recommended this book on a counselling forum where I reached out to other counsellors for some reading material that would inform my thinking and understanding around pet bereavement. The author briefly shares her own experience but displays empathy, acknowledging a loss is different for everyone. This book is unlike the rest in the fact that you won’t be balling your eyes out every time you try to read a chapter or two. But instead it describes the journey we may take and acknowledges that losing a pet can be just as painful, if not more painful than losing a Human loved one. Also it highlights the fact that pet grief isn’t really acknowledged in society, therefore with guidance and signposting from the author I am now focusing on extending my studies further in making counselling for pet bereavement more acceptable going forward”.

“I purchased this book as my dog is now in his latter years. I have watched and followed the author through her posts and blogs and find her to be such a help to pet owners who's pets have crossed the rainbow bridge. This is a great book from a great author and I would recommend to anyone with an older pet or someone that has lost a pet to help through such a hard experience”.

“You can tell this book is written from the author's heart, using personal experiences throughout. It is full of practical advice to help those who have lost a beloved pet, and much of it will be useful to children (or parents who do not know how to deal with their children's grief). We do not tend to like talking about death in western culture and feeling grief for a pet is often a taboo subject This book tackles it head-on in a sensitive but practical way and is well worth adding it to your collection”.

“This is a book written from the heart, it's obvious the author has been bereaved by pet loss before and understands the pain and heartache, but, it is not a book to be in tears reading it, it is so helpful, supportive and with many good reasons to read it. You can pick it up and just turn to any page and get understanding and love. Trust me you will not go wrong buying this book, it is pure and supporting”.