A to Z of memorial plants

"A flower is not a flower alone; a thousand thoughts invest it."

Staring this series off with the Letter 'A'

Aloe Vera

Well known as a natural healing plant but did you know that it also symbolises affection and healing from grief?

It is an important plant in spirituality and symbolises “resurrection”, due to the own ability of the plant to heal itself or come back from the dead. Here is an interesting quote: "Aloe has been associated with a certain somewhat mysterious symbolism associated with its extraordinary powers to heal. The plant has a very distinctive symbolic association with embalming, enduring life, immortality and the boundary between life and death. It has also been noted that the Aloe plant "has amazing ability to heal itself or come back from the dead", which is seen symbolically to be associated with its ability to heal humans and, virtually, therefore, to "bring them back from the dead."

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Planting aloe in a memorial garden or gifting it as a plant or even wearing aloe-based products can show your grief and love to your pet who passed. It is a different and unique touch.

Aloe overcomes grief and aids spiritual and physical healing.

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